Budgeting for a trip of this scale can be a tricky thing to do and, if you’re not careful, the costs can really start to rack up. That’s why a lot of expeditions look for sponsorship to help finance their endeavours. Given the wide array of adventures going on at any time, we’re truly grateful and very excited to have the support of the following fantastic sponsors:


Sunspelsunspel v4

Sunspel is the epitome of simple, high quality British clothing. Originally focussing on undergarments, the company expanded its collection over time and, in recognition of its unflagging commitment to design excellence, was asked to supply all the t-shirts, polo shirts and underwear to none other than Mr James Bond. Don’t believe us? Have a read for yourself here.

Alongside 007, they also have a long history of supporting “explorers, trailblazers and the military” with the appropriate textiles for their endeavours. We are incredibly proud to include The Gentlemen’s Adventure Club in that grouping as Sunspel have kindly agreed to kit us out with merino base layers to keep the cold desert nights at bay. Thanks must go to Aude Shelley and everyone at Sunspel for their generosity.

Spend 5 minutes picking out your next birthday present at http://www.sunspel.com/


Labour and Wait

Labour & Wait v5

Have you ever had a hard day, a real hum dinger, and the only thing you want to do is get some coffee down your neck but when you go to boil the water you find you’ve run out of gas? No? Well, it doesn’t do much for the spirits, that much is for certain. That’s why we’ve been in search of an Irish Ghillie’s Kettle; these things can boil water whatever the weather.

As luck would have it, the wonderful shop Labour and Wait had one such kettle they could support us with so we’re hugely grateful for that. In fact, we’re just generally grateful that these guys are around; they’re the go-to store for when you want to treat yourself to something that you’re not sure you need but, when you see the quality of the craftsmanship, you’re damn sure you want!

See what we’re talking about by visiting http://www.labourandwait.co.uk/


Climpson & Sons

CLIMPSON-AND-SONS v3There are creature comforts that are nice to take and then there are creature comforts that, for some people, are actually essentials. Coffee is a prime example. Not only is it great for de-stressing when you’re stressing, it’s also good for bringing people together. When you’re camped out in the middle of the desert and some tribesmen come along to tell you you’re camping in their back garden, it’s always good to brew them up some coffee as a thank you.

It wouldn’t do to offer them any old tripe though. That’s why we’ve been in touch with Henrik at Climpson & Sons, purveyors of London’s finest coffee. They’ve agreed to sponsor our expedition with all the coffee three men need so a huge thank you is due to them. Cheers chaps.

Order yours from http://webcoffeeshop.co.uk/


Lifesaver Systems

lifesaver-systems-logo v2 The Lifesaver Jerry Can is the world’s first container to remove all bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens without the aid of any foul tasting chemicals like iodine or chlorine or any need for power. Amazing right? It’s one of those products that just makes sense and will come in handy time and time again.

Lifesaver Systems cater for humanitarian organisations, the military, your general leisure use and now also for T.G.A.C. Not only are we fascinated by the technology in this product, we’re also big supporters of its general design as it will fit snugly into our jerry can holder. Endless thanks to Greer Banks and everyone who helped bring the Lifesaver Jerry can into this world.

Find out more by visiting http://www.lifesaversystems.com/



autosafe-logo v4Autosafe International is recognised worldwide as the leading provider of in-vehicle security safes. Given that we will not be staying in any accommodation, we have had to think very carefully about how and where to store our valuables on the trip – having a passport full of visas stolen isn’t something any of us even want to begin contemplating.

Autosafe provides peace of mind for these kinds of worries; allowing us to leave passports, insurance documents and the carnet de passage securely in the car-safe whenever we’re forced to part from our beloved landy. Gratitude to Gordon Frewin and all the guys at Autosafe for helping us with this issue.

Get yours at http://autosafe.co.uk/

Touring Gear

logo v1 large

Touring Gear is one of the UK’s finest overland outfitters and we are extremely grateful to include them as a sponsor of the Gentlemen’s Adventure Club. We wish that we had come across this company sooner in fact as their product range is ideally suited to people undertaking vehicle-based camping and expeditions like ours. TG have very kindly offered to supply us with maps and guide books to help us on our journey and make sure that we at least have a chance of being on the right track at least some of the time!

We simply cannot recommend these guys enough, supportive and  knowledgeable. We will be sure to keep them updated on our journey. Thanks to Mark Brooks for all of your help!
Do pay them a visit at http://www.touring-gear.com/ or find them on facebook



tracks4africa logo

T4A creates extremely detailed and very reliable maps for driving in Africa, not only of the main roads but also of the less frequented tracks which is perfect for us. We’d like to give a huge thank you to Erin Meyer and the whole team at Tracks4Africa.

T4A maps are constructed from GPS data sourced from the T4A Community of travellers – people like us who record their travel experience and share it with the community. T4A collects, catalogues and processes these data submissions in order to create a very reliable GPS map. They link the name of a data contributor to a place or a road and that gives the maps a lot of integrity. By providing them with the data we collect on our trip we should hopefully be able to help improve their maps even further.

To read more, just visit http://tracks4africa.co.za



lifemarque logo large v1

The Lifesystems and Lifeventure brands (which together make up Lifemarque) are well known to us from previous adventures. Whenever you’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s always at least one piece of kit with this logo on it and there’s a very good reason for that. The quality of the products is very high and they do exactly what is asked of them. That’s why we approached Lifemarque, in the hope that they could help us secure some quality gear for our expedition.

The stars aligned and thankfully we now have sleeping bags that will keep us warm through the nippiest of nights, as well as other odds and ends to keep bugs and other unwanted visitors away. Thanks go to Craig Cook and the rest of the team at Lifemarque, much appreciated.

Have a look http://lifemarque.co.uk/



amazers logo large v2Launching shortly, amazers.org is a hub for the inspiring tales of the individuals that the organisation brands as ‘amazers’. These are people from all walks of life that have accomplished truly extraordinary things. The goal is to present the stories of these appropriately named ‘amazers’ and the unique passions that they centre their lives around. This is exactly the kind of project that inspired us to undertake our expedition and for that reason we are very proud to be involved.  Upon launch, amazers.org will feature the stories of these individuals in the hope that people become inspired to go forth and do incredible things. As we strongly believe in the value of travel and adventure, we hope that our story can inspire people, no matter how small the number, to attempt similar feats.
Fire your name into their holding page and be prepared to be amazed! http://amazers.org/