The Support

One of the major reasons people wait until they’re considerably older to attempt this journey is not because they’re spurred on in a mid-life crisis but because of the ruddy great costs involved. Despite the fact that we were camping every night and munching on grains of uncooked rice, the total cost of our trip was still close to the £16,500 mark. Frustratingly, the majority of this was for mere pieces of paper:

  • the carnet de passage alone set us back about £4500
  • visas for the three of us added up the best part of a £1000
  • insurance for the car and for the three of us added up to another £1500
  • flight tickets home from cape town, another £1500
  • a ferry ticket for the landy back to the UK, almost £1000
  • a ferry ticket from Turkey to Egypt cost over £1000 all in!
  • … depressingly enough, the list goes on

We managed to save a good wedge but, as usual, it was one pea short of a pod. We asked, if there were any generous souls left in this recession-ridden world, to please, read on. We wouldn’t ask to take the Queen out of anybody’s pocket but if they had anything on the list below and were in the UK or could post it, their support would be hugely appreciated!

  • 20L jerry cans – a good carrying capacity is vital for desert crossings
  • 20L plastic water container with tap – got to love a good bush-shower
  • spare tyres / rims – for a Defender 110
  • a camping stove – a 2-burner stove would be ideal
  • ratchet straps – to keep things from leaping out of the roof rack
  • sand ladders / waffle boards – to make road where road is not yet made
  • ammo boxes – to store all our worldly possessions
  • a rear diff guard for a salisbury axle – to guard our diff of course
  • heavy duty jump leads – for when the old gal refuses to wake up in the morning
  • a spare battery – again to fit a defender 110
  • a car compass – essential given Richard’s sense of direction
  • headtorches – for bedtime reading
  • a decent sized tripod for an SLR – with a fluid-filled panning head if possible
  • SD cards – the more SD cards we have, the more photos we can take and post
  • road maps of any of the countries we’ll be going through – who needs sat nav?
  • ‘useful phrases’ books – for languages we will encounter
  • whisky – … err … for cleaning wounds?

If they saw anything on this list that they thought they (or someone they knew) might have and they fancied lending a helping hand, then to drop us an email at

To those that got in touch, thanks ever so much,

one gentleman 2 v3

The Gents


2 thoughts on “The Support

  1. francis miring'u says:


    May the Lord be with you, keep you safe and may his light shine on you as you plan all of this.

    Yes, I also dream of taking on such a trip someday, however the obstacle I have, as you said, is cost ! I dread asking for/borrowing people’s money to do something like this, even though I am passionate about it.

    I wish I could join you…..would improve my English..

    The Lord bless you.

    • Francis,

      Your kind words are much appreciated. Don’t give up on the idea, we too would never have thought this trip could become a reality two years ago but where there’s a will there’s a way! Good luck in the future.

      All the best,

      The Gents

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