Duncan Finnie


Name: Duncan James Finnie

DOB: 04/05/1991

Nationality: Scottish


With childhood heroes like Just William, it is no surprise that Duncan was seeking ambitious adventure and exhilaration in Africa. As luck would have it, the outcome yielded equally humorous but less disastrous stories. As a boy, Duncan’s enthusiasm for adventure was satisfied by the world immediately around him. As he grew, however, it became clear that the playing ground needed to expand….

When offered the opportunity to join the gents on the trip there was little hesitation before Duncan was wholeheartedly ‘in’, seeing no doubt the possibility of adventure in Africa to once more satisfy his adventurous spirit.

This will not be the first time Duncan has shared a tent with Richard however, oh no. Many nights, on their way around New Zealand, Duncan rolled over to thump Richard in the chest to stem the flow of grunting and rasping exhalations forcing their way from Rich’s nostrils. But if we could make it out the other side of 8 weeks there, what’s another few on top of that?


Through university rugby at Durham, Duncan was on the committee which organised the 2012 Charity match, raising over £2000 which goes to the worthy charity Sport in Action Zambia. For a short review of the event click here.


The organisation is a non-government funded project which aims to develop sporting skills and social development through sport. It is a joint initiative set up in 2005 with 5 other participating universities known as the Wallace Group. Every year a group of volunteers from the representative universities go out to Zambia to coach sports and undertake development projects of use to the facility. It was our intention to visit the charity in Lusaka on our way to Namibia.


This was Duncan’s third visit to the cape, having been lucky enough to go on a rugby tour there in 2006 and to stay with a friend from university over summer. Inspired by David Attenborough, Duncan has always been captivated by animals and nature, and was looking forward to getting back out to Africa to experience more cultural and animal encounters.

tortoiseMaking this trip successful drew on all our experience and all our wits, combined with a generous chunk of luck. We may not have been the best equipped, the best practised or the most wise, but we were eager…