Callum McPherson


Name: Callum McPherson

DOB: 21/06/1991

Nationality: Scottish


Growing up in Edinburgh and attending the University of Aberdeen for four years left Callum eager to escape city life. However, much time was still spent out in the sticks, armed to the teeth, engaged in typical gentlemanly pursuits, as well as off-road motorcycling and playing with the Landy – allowing for intermittent exploits away from the tarmac and into the mud. Whilst in academic mode, trips to the British and Scottish Judo championships to represent Aberdeen University kept Callum busy enough.


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Journeying top-to-tail in Africa had been the dream for quite some time and was exemplified by Callum’s introduction to the Land Rover lifestyle and the 2 months he spent on the road in Australia, journeying from Melbourne in the South to the Daintree rainforest in the North.

Africa, being such a diverse and beautiful continent and the homeland for exploration and adventure, left little doubt that the trip would be a life-changing experience and hopefully the start of something truly incredible.
With education finally done, it was time for this gent to get out and see the world at last. We hoped, we could have some impact on the people we met and help, in whatever way we could, the communities we visited. Thankfully, that was the case.