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Back in the good ol’ days of 1912, one Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his four plucky comrades ventured into the unknown in an attempt to reach the South Pole. The trials of such an adventure back then were so extreme that not one of those men escaped with his life. One hundred years later and the same goal has been achieved by none other than Sir David Attenborough himself, and he’s nearly ninety.

Clearly then, times have changed and, understandably, so too has what people describe as ‘adventure’. These days, the word refers to riding captive elephants in Thailand, having somebody else carry your bags up Kilimanjaro or taking the Glasgow subway after dark.

If that’s what spins your wheels then great, that’s tip-top for you. There are a number of us out there though who have a screw or two loose and who hunger for what we think of as a traditional adventure; one with cannibalistic spear-toting bandits and vast scorpion-filled deserts to get in the way of the objective (which would preferably involve rescuing a damsel in distress). Who are these mad fools you might ask? We are the Gentlemen’s Adventure Club.

In all seriousness though, we’re just a collection of like-minded chaps with itchy feet and vivid imaginations. We’re not trying to blaze trails anywhere, just to get out on our own, to get well and truly stuck in to some sticky situations for the sake of remembering a few tall tales when we’re old and weather beaten. A wiser man than us once said “adventure is emotional and physical turmoil recalled with tranquillity” so wherever there’s turmoil to be had, that’s where we’ll be headed.

With this in mind, we’d traditionally be in search of the ‘final frontier’ but that phrase isn’t really applicable to anywhere other than Space anymore and unfortunately it’s a tad too chilly up there. Instead, we turned to the historic heart of adventure; Africa.

For the Club’s inaugural trip, the plan was for us 3 braw Scots to drive 15,000 miles from Edinburgh to Cape Town. We set off in June 2013 and intended to spend around 3 months on the ‘road’. For the most part, our ambitious jaunt went to plan. There were, of course, a good number of situations where adversity reared its head and gave cause for us to furrow our brows and grit our teeth – like revolutions in Egypt, getting stuck in the Nubian desert, bandits in Tanzania and a cigar-shortage from Turkey to Malawi to name but a few.

This site mainly documents our trip through Africa, from planning and preparation to the journey itself. As the years stroll on by, we’ll continue to add pieces about TGAC’s subsequent adventures (current pipeline dreams include a crossing of the Atlas mountains by rickety old motorcycles and a long-term goal of a RTW trip).  Hopefully the site will be of some use to others wishing to do similar trips and to those just looking for a bit of light reading and maybe a laugh or two at our expense.

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A whole heap of information on our preparations can be found in our very detailed spreadsheet plan (click here to view it) but if you’d like to get in touch with us about anything specific then just drop us an email at:


In terms of keeping up with the trips, we set up a twitter and facebook page to make it easier for people to follow our progress/check that we are still alive at any given time. We still think it’s best to follow us by plugging your email into the “+Follow” box at the bottom right hand side of the page because then you just get an email whenever we make a new blog post but, if you want, you can follow us on facebook or tumblr or twitter using these little links here: